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At Investing in Yorkshire we have always held the fervent belief that potential investments should be taken advantage of and so when we found out that there are over 200,000 uninhabited homes in the UK being left to degrade and become derelict we couldn’t believe it. The Telegraph reported in May 2018 that ‘York recorded the biggest rise last year in the stock of long term vacant homes – those that have been empty for at least six months – 322pc’. The beautiful county of Yorkshire is evidently home to a number of such sites and we know that we can improve them and locate sites for potential investment that can be made into affordable rental stock. The increasing problem of homelessness in the UK would be diminished if only half of the uninhabited properties could be bought and invested in, to create more affordable housing. We also see the opportunity to mentor others and guide them to making wise investments in property as our ongoing responsibility in helping future generations of investors.


Placeholder imageEver since I was a school boy, property and the potential for any unappealing piece of land to be developed has fascinated me. From discovering a piece of land that had potential to be a profitable development, which eventually held 21 garages, to refurbishing and renting a property during my University years, my passion for property and investment only grew. I’ve now been involved in property for 47 years and have been the partner of a floorcovering retail business which achieved a £2.5 million annual turnover. Since then I have built my portfolio to £4 million plus deal sourcing/packaging and advised others about investing in property which has occasionally led to a complete career change for them. I am passionate about helping people in the investment and property fields and showing them that full time property investment is a viable career path.