Glen Cottage – York

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Project Description

Prior to Refurbishment

It was a one bedroom cottage built in the mid nineteenth century as part of a larger house. The cottage had been let out for many years without any investment by the owners. It had a ground floor kitchen, a hall/dining area and a small lounge. Stairs from the dining area led to a small landing with a bathroom to the left and the only bedroom to the right. The property was in an ideal position for most facilities including the train and road network.

Process to improve the property and Outcome

We removed the ground floor kitchen and rebuilt it with adequate foundations to build an upper floor and a second bedroom above. Access was obtained by forming a smaller bathroom and providing a stud wall with a door. This new wall extended from the existing landing to the new bedroom creating a longer landing to the new bedroom. Windows were provided, along with a front door onto the pavement at the front of the house. A later idea was to build a porch on the side of the kitchen which had access to a small yard where a car could be parked. The property also had an original door at the rear. The kitchen was fitted with units and smooth floor covering. The house was subsequently decorated and fitted with new carpets.

The property was then placed on the open market.